Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is My Fav new thing ever...

Has anyone seen this show??? It is genius.

In their quest to have a supermodel body before they are hitched and an incredibly fabulous dream wedding 12 engaged women are competing in various "reality show-esque" wedding inspired challenges on "Bridalplasty".  It happens to be hosted by former Miss USA (and Miss NY) Shana Moakler, who directly affected my life many moons ago.  She inspired me to win Miss NY USA; it's a long story but I thought she was awesome, still do.
I have seen quite a few episodes of this show and each time I cannot believe it is actually happening.  Young women today are so completely insanely obsessed, fanatically at that, with having a gigantic and expensive wedding they will do anything to look the impeccable and entertain their guests to a flawless Utopian fiesta.
You get the picture right? Well....my absolute FAV part of this show is the last five minutes....
the elimination.
As each contestant(bride) is voted off....Shana sadly exclaims, 
"You have been eliminated. I'm sorry. Your wedding will still go on, it just won't be perfect."

OMG!! HAHAHA  That is the meanest thing I have EVER heard. They are sending these poor, insecure, infatuated and irrational women home, with few of or none of the plastic surgeries they went on the show praying to get....AND she says YOUR WEDDING WON'T BE PERFECT!!!! That's worse than telling these girls that they have a terminal disease.
The finale is coming up soon. Please check it out. At least just to hear that last line.