Monday, December 5, 2011

Yup, Im a Video Ho once again! 'ALL AMERICAN REJECTS'

'Somedays Gone'
I shot this with my great friend, filmmaker , editor and director Jon Danovic this past weekend. He called me at 9pm on Friday and asked if I would be in a shoot for him. As always I say yes because anything Jon does is magic.
He is pure genius and will be very famous one day. I can say I knew him well.

I ran around the AAR band house for hours as we did take after take trying to get this perfect. It WAS NOT easy. I had about 100 things to remember and could not be the weak link, especially considering it was driven by me and the lead singer, Ty. (Who is super sweet- I had to punch him, kick him in the head and throw multiple dangerous items straight at his head ex: spatula, beer bottle, shards of records, etc. I am sorry Ty.)
There were like 15 people hiding in all sorts of corners of the home helping with props and such. It was a really, really kick ass experience. I busted my rear running across that bed but it was so worth it.

Thanks AAR.