Monday, July 29, 2013

My Pillow Obsession

Confessions of a pillow hoarder. 

Affordable way to spruce up your indoor or outdoor sitting areas. PILLOWS! Bright ones, patterned ones, striped ones, polka dots....DO whatever it takes. JUST add some pillows my friends.
These pillows take a simple grey couch and make it oh so fun!

hi awful face
why so serious?
its just pillow talk!

Declaring my love for pillows.

Small ones are @homedepot 10 bucks each on sale!
Futon is from IKEA

1. MIX PRINTS!!!! (but keep the color scheme a running theme) THAT RHYMES. See below...I stayed with the grey, maroon, beige, white, black theme.

2. Use different SIZES! (small, rectangle, square, huge etc)

3. PLAY PLAY PLAY! PLay with how you like them arranged. Mix em up a bit and see which suits you the best.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vintage Belts

Most people forget about the ever omnipotent belt. It can be a very powerful tool in your closet. Cinching in your waist. Giving a pop of color or texture to an otherwise dull affair. They have become conversation starters for me many times over.
I am a FIRM belieber in the power of the BELT> Especially a vintage, one of-a-kind, interesting, sexy one.
Think colorful, think leather, think fringe, think grommets, think animals!!!! A super cool belt can up the ante on a simple black/white/red dress. Take that dress and put it with a few different belts and you have spent your money wisely. Numerous outfit options! WHOOT WHOOT!

Below......from top to bottom:
Brown rose belt- Wasteland Vintage $28
Tan with Fringe- Mom's from 70's
Red 80's Elephant- Wasteland $20
Silver stretchy- Ex Boyfriend's Mom's from 70's
WrestleMania Gold and Brown- Also Wasteland $17 BUCKS!

OKAY - Below I paired a silk maxi dress from H &M (69.95- I had a gift card) with the fancy gold, black and red elephant belt pictured above. The dress can be very versatile based on the accessories. This look is great for going on a hot date, a casual cocktail party or to pick the kids up from school. Do what you will.  I don't recommend sitting down in it in a dirty garage though.

MY Point being.....source some belts from flea markets or local thrift shops. NO ONE EVER buys them I don't know why. It's super weird. Lucky for me...I nab all the good ones. Me is smart.


I call this one 'Puts Baby in The Corner'
Alice and Olivia Heels, H&M Silk Dress in Stores now. This is a size 10 which is a bit big for me but I bought it because I couldn't leave without it! Belt- VINTAGE

And here is the Brown leather.....Hair in a sloppy bun....peach NYX lips, and an edgy gladiator heel. You could put a denim jacket with this and it would be great for a day trip wine tasting, or brunch! (I overdress....for everything)

sort of a messy photo so I tried to filter it to trick you out of seeing how badly this is tucked.
Steve Madden
Behind the Scenes photo of my amazing studio.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some Tech news for ya?

The White Shirt. Subtle Sexy.

Update: forgot to add this look to the white shirt post! Girls. Night. Out. 

my head looks weird.

It is often overlooked.
But never paralleled.
Chic. Effortless. (Affordable)
Yet we all forget her/him.

That was my poem to white shirts. Romantic huh?

I don't have access to a professional photographer so these are the best its gunna get right now. I get a kick out of the fashion bloggers who have AMAZING pics every day but the same exact outfit on. SHORTS and a top. That's it. Nothing exciting. Nothing too creative or informative. Just here are my skinny shaven legs and some links to buy stuff. (expensive stuff and in this economy we all need a break)
I prefer to help people wear stuff they own...and/or go and experiment with some new items. Think different. Get excited about wearing something you have never considered before.  Shop with gusto!!!!
Take a SIMPLE WHITE BUTTON UP shirt and dress it up!
Not just for work or walking around after a romp in the sack with a white collar banker..... Lose the pleated khaki pants and lose the crocs. Throw on some heels and a jean you feel sexy in and BOOM> there you have it.
I always like to add a lacey bra underneath that is NOT white. A pop of color or simple black lace really takes it up a notch to sexytown.

Shirt-  Nordstrom Rack. 25 bucks.

Shoes- Aldo
Jeans- Forever 21
Jewelry- my old vintage gold stacked

GREAT OPTIONS and everyone has a Target close by!

DIY Muscle Tee

Love Bites. I have sooooo many random t-shirts that I never wear just wasting space in drawers and closets. 
Sound familiar? 
Scissor time. Cut them up!!! 

NO Big deal if you wreck it- you weren't wearing it anyway! 

Cut it i[... then throw on a chunky necklace (and a padded bra in my case) and BOOM-   Rock n' Roll tank.  

I forgot to take a before photo. Smart Karla. Here are some screen grabs from my brilliant instavideo.
Before. Regular old t-shirt.

1. Cut off the sleeves -just enough so a little bra can peek out.  That means cut an inch or less or more ..below the armpit seam. Cut more if you want more bra to show....common sense. Make sure they are even....OR not and be wild and crazy.  NO rules here.

cutting thingys.

nice face.

Sleeve be gone.
other sleeve.

2. Next, Cut up the neckline. 

I usually take my scissors sharp edge and run it along the line of the edge of the collar. Separating the two pieces essentially. Make holes in the collar. Cut it off if you are angry with it. Easy way to get more cleavage showing.

I cut a few slices in the chest. I wanted to show some skin.

Tough to see on the black but I made a few horizontal slices in the material.

3. Make any additional holes where you please. (Front and back)  It's always fun to have a little unexpected hole party in the rear. (so to speak)

4. Then throw it on and delight in your new/not new item of clothing. 
And FINITO!! New/Old shirt.
A statement necklace always looks awesome with these shirts. Throw on a cargo pant or skinny jean with some booties or a heel and you are ALL set. 

Love both of these options. One is on sale. One is expensiveo.
Steve Madden. Just love him.
ignore the stack of paperwork on my desk that I am ignoring.

the top hole isn't as crooked as it looks. Bad selfie angle.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pajama Game

Get yo Pajama Game on! 
Pajama-like pants, not actual pajamas. I'm sick of stuffing myself into skin tight jeans. Over it. 
Plus it's too darn hot anyway. There's an simple way to be casual yet chic with these easy breezy slacks.

Yes, these  slouchy, baggy, loose fitting pants can be sexy!  

How to make them sexy not sleepy....

Wear with a HEEL!!!!!
Add some leather.
Get your slutty on with your top....ex: low cut, see through, long armholes so you can see the bra etc.
This offsets the masculine baggy pant.

I always like to be conscious of the feminine vs. masculine with my outfits.
Leather and lace type of thing. It creates balance for me. TOO much girly can be overkill. Too much masculine and you may as well be celibate.

 Silk Pants  #broadwayandbroome @shopwasteland  / muscle tank #LnA / bag vintage from Playclothes in Burbank/  shoes #pourlavictoire  #stylist #fashion #ootd #ootn #stylista #pajamasrule #notbedtime #sleepnaked 

Ignore the ugly feet and admire the gorgeousness of the stilettos.

My favorite vintage purse.
Another silky pajama like pant look...

I personally like to roll the ankles a bit....otherwise I can start to look really short. So short ladies...keep that in mind. Show some ankle. It will help.