Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vintage Belts

Most people forget about the ever omnipotent belt. It can be a very powerful tool in your closet. Cinching in your waist. Giving a pop of color or texture to an otherwise dull affair. They have become conversation starters for me many times over.
I am a FIRM belieber in the power of the BELT> Especially a vintage, one of-a-kind, interesting, sexy one.
Think colorful, think leather, think fringe, think grommets, think animals!!!! A super cool belt can up the ante on a simple black/white/red dress. Take that dress and put it with a few different belts and you have spent your money wisely. Numerous outfit options! WHOOT WHOOT!

Below......from top to bottom:
Brown rose belt- Wasteland Vintage $28
Tan with Fringe- Mom's from 70's
Red 80's Elephant- Wasteland $20
Silver stretchy- Ex Boyfriend's Mom's from 70's
WrestleMania Gold and Brown- Also Wasteland $17 BUCKS!

OKAY - Below I paired a silk maxi dress from H &M (69.95- I had a gift card) with the fancy gold, black and red elephant belt pictured above. The dress can be very versatile based on the accessories. This look is great for going on a hot date, a casual cocktail party or to pick the kids up from school. Do what you will.  I don't recommend sitting down in it in a dirty garage though.

MY Point being.....source some belts from flea markets or local thrift shops. NO ONE EVER buys them I don't know why. It's super weird. Lucky for me...I nab all the good ones. Me is smart.


I call this one 'Puts Baby in The Corner'
Alice and Olivia Heels, H&M Silk Dress in Stores now. This is a size 10 which is a bit big for me but I bought it because I couldn't leave without it! Belt- VINTAGE

And here is the Brown leather.....Hair in a sloppy bun....peach NYX lips, and an edgy gladiator heel. You could put a denim jacket with this and it would be great for a day trip wine tasting, or brunch! (I overdress....for everything)

sort of a messy photo so I tried to filter it to trick you out of seeing how badly this is tucked.
Steve Madden
Behind the Scenes photo of my amazing studio.

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