Monday, July 8, 2013

Flea Market Finds!!!!

I have ALWAYS been obsessed with flea markets. I can never enter one without buying something, anything. And if I do I ALWAYS regret not buying it for days and days.

TWO HUGE SCORES this weekend. I went looking for an outdoor chandelier and furniture to restore...and left with stuff for ME! As usual. Precisely why they call me 'Greedy Guts'.

Thank goodness I came to my senses and haggled a bit with the woman selling the gorgeous hibiscus (i think) ankle grazing, short sleeve dress below. I walked away when she said 30 bucks. Then I asked her to drop it to 20, she refused. Then I walked away again. Then I hemmed and hawed and couldn't leave the place so distraught I didn't just 'GO FOR IT'. honey convinced me to go back and buy it for the 25. I walked back with my tail between my legs that I didn't get it for the 20 I wanted but soon perked up when it was MINE...ALL MINE!


Dress is probably circa 1980s from what I can tell of the cut. I hand washed it as soon as I got home and let it dry in the sun- NO WAY I am dry cleaning a rayon dress I just got for 25 bucks. Kind of defeats the bargain purpose now doesn't it?  Pair it with sandals or even a simple pretty flip flop and a sun hat for summer days. For night rock an edgy stiletto heel with a plain belt and a clutch. (giant fake lashes ALWAYS recommended) Simple, easy, sassy style! Great for vacations, a lunch date, Bloody Mary brunch, work, or even a date with your honeybooboo. I always prefer classic and classy over trampy. I find the more demure pieces can be very sexy with the right styling and a great, fierce lady confidence.

Now, the Melrose Trading Post where I got the gems we speak of today has kind of morphed into a Hipster Heaven. Its super annoying because they kinda ruined it. Years ago I could go in there and get stuff for WAY cheaper. It's WAY expensive now, unfortunately. This flea market is a great one but kind of sceney now and super Hollywood. (good for celeb sitings actually.) I saw SincerelyJules (famous fashion blogger) and was totes star struck!

Moving on.....RHINESTONES! I spotted this little beauty at a small booth. The lady totally reeled me in because as I briskly and aggressively walked over to the table. She saw the sparkle in my eyes upon my approach like a lioness stalking an antelope (sorta). She knew what I was gunnin' for...and milked it. She sold me with one line...."Ohhh a young woman was just eyeing that. She said she would be right back." Now, MORAL dilemma here.... I felt totally guilty and torn that someone else wanted it and I was about to crush said stranger's Sunday Funday BUT MOVE YOUR FEET LOSE YOUR SEAT!!!! Once again, MINE all MINE. I was quickly cured of the guilt when I placed this beauty on my person. 10 BUCKS> I didn't even bother talking her down.
I like to pair these little sparkly pieces of heaven with lots of other jewelry. It somehow makes it way more casual and adds a "cool" factor! LAYER! LAYER LAYER!
Make sure there are no stones missing and that the clasp works on these older items.  Then, HAVE FUN with them!
SUPER cute with jeans and a t shirt....or a flowing sundress and long gold chain dipping into your cleavage (or lack thereof in my case).

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