Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vintage Shopping and Mixing prints (2 blogs for the price of 1)

Like a Lioness on the HUNT for vintage Gems. I absolutely love VINTAGE!  I adore Wasteland. WHY? 
Because I can go there with clothes I never wear anymore. Items I just want to be rid of for various reasons (ahem too small....bored of them etc etc) You can sell them and get money towards NEW old stuff! (or get cash)  Many vintage and consignment stores do this; Crossroads is another terrific one. Google to see if there are any in your 'hood! 
In the pic above I am shopping away at Wasteland, Studio City. There are quite a few of them all around Los Angeles. Besides Fox's in NY its my GO-TO store. I prefer to get original items that no one else has. Below are the little baby gems I scored on this trip.....

Lola Photobomb.
Brown leather rose belt.
Black leather fringe pencil skirt.

She's claiming the skirt. Sexy beast.
Modern silky pajama pant. Color is a bit off in this pic. Roll up the cuff and wear with a heel and BAM sexytime!
They are more of the purple hue seen below. I will do an # ootd with all new items to show how I wear 'em.

OLD MAN HAT! Love this hat so much. Hawaiian print sash. Hat- 15 bucks,  No makeup= priceless.

What I wore to shop. 

Mix Up your Prints!!!!  We all know how much I like to mix my metals....but even I am wary of mixing prints sometimes.  It takes a REALLY good eye to wear mismatched prints. I can't pull it off very often. All the "looks" you see in the fashion mags with mis-matched prints are like CRAZY intense. Just a little bit of a mix goes a long way.  I experimented today and
I doubled up the leopard. The pleated floor sweeping skirt and leopard shoes are a similar but teensy bit different print. Then the hat has a hawaiian print sash around the top. RISKY Karla! RISKEEYYYY! You never know until you try.

PLay! PLay! PLay!

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