Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The SPIN PIN!!!!

Dudettes......March your asses to CVS right now. Greatest invention since tampons =The SPIN PIN.
I mean it. BUY yourself this little contraption. You think it looks strange but BOY oh BOY is it wonderful!
It doesn't damage your hair, although it looks like it seriously could.
At least it doesn't damage mine--USE responsibly. (like alcohol)
It comes in blonde and dark...I got both, cuz ya know..."ombre".
I lose them all the time and cry. Don't lose them.

Photo from goody website.

I am not going to attempt to post the horrendous photos I tried to take of myself putting the spin pin in....best I could do it the instagram viddy below with some screen grabs to help.


 1- wrap your hair in a messy bun at the back or side of your neck.

2- Hold in place with one hand while you place the first pin in position....and SPIN>...like the sit and spin when you were a kid (for us OLD people).  EVEN more fun though.
 3. Place the second pin at the opposite end of the bun from where you put the initial pin. I always start with first on top....then work on the bottom. (no sexual correlation)

AND BAM MOFOS!!!! You gots yourselves a sexy, messy, sloppy but sweet Beachy little bun.

PLAY a bit with bun placement. They hold really tight if your hair is thick so if you have thin hair tease that shizz up a bit.


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