Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The White Shirt. Subtle Sexy.

Update: forgot to add this look to the white shirt post! Girls. Night. Out. 

my head looks weird.

It is often overlooked.
But never paralleled.
Chic. Effortless. (Affordable)
Yet we all forget her/him.

That was my poem to white shirts. Romantic huh?

I don't have access to a professional photographer so these are the best its gunna get right now. I get a kick out of the fashion bloggers who have AMAZING pics every day but the same exact outfit on. SHORTS and a top. That's it. Nothing exciting. Nothing too creative or informative. Just here are my skinny shaven legs and some links to buy stuff. (expensive stuff and in this economy we all need a break)
I prefer to help people wear stuff they own...and/or go and experiment with some new items. Think different. Get excited about wearing something you have never considered before.  Shop with gusto!!!!
Take a SIMPLE WHITE BUTTON UP shirt and dress it up!
Not just for work or walking around after a romp in the sack with a white collar banker..... Lose the pleated khaki pants and lose the crocs. Throw on some heels and a jean you feel sexy in and BOOM> there you have it.
I always like to add a lacey bra underneath that is NOT white. A pop of color or simple black lace really takes it up a notch to sexytown.

Shirt-  Nordstrom Rack. 25 bucks.

Shoes- Aldo
Jeans- Forever 21
Jewelry- my old vintage gold stacked

GREAT OPTIONS and everyone has a Target close by!

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