Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Muscle Tee

Love Bites. I have sooooo many random t-shirts that I never wear just wasting space in drawers and closets. 
Sound familiar? 
Scissor time. Cut them up!!! 

NO Big deal if you wreck it- you weren't wearing it anyway! 

Cut it i[... then throw on a chunky necklace (and a padded bra in my case) and BOOM-   Rock n' Roll tank.  

I forgot to take a before photo. Smart Karla. Here are some screen grabs from my brilliant instavideo.
Before. Regular old t-shirt.

1. Cut off the sleeves -just enough so a little bra can peek out.  That means cut an inch or less or more ..below the armpit seam. Cut more if you want more bra to show....common sense. Make sure they are even....OR not and be wild and crazy.  NO rules here.

cutting thingys.

nice face.

Sleeve be gone.
other sleeve.

2. Next, Cut up the neckline. 

I usually take my scissors sharp edge and run it along the line of the edge of the collar. Separating the two pieces essentially. Make holes in the collar. Cut it off if you are angry with it. Easy way to get more cleavage showing.

I cut a few slices in the chest. I wanted to show some skin.

Tough to see on the black but I made a few horizontal slices in the material.

3. Make any additional holes where you please. (Front and back)  It's always fun to have a little unexpected hole party in the rear. (so to speak)

4. Then throw it on and delight in your new/not new item of clothing. 
And FINITO!! New/Old shirt.
A statement necklace always looks awesome with these shirts. Throw on a cargo pant or skinny jean with some booties or a heel and you are ALL set. 

Love both of these options. One is on sale. One is expensiveo.
Steve Madden. Just love him.


ignore the stack of paperwork on my desk that I am ignoring.

the top hole isn't as crooked as it looks. Bad selfie angle.

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