Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ohhhh YEAH!


"Joo wanna play rough?! Okay! Shay ello to my lil frien!!!!!"
I went to college in the Bronx, NY and literally heard gun shots every night lulling me to sleep but other than that I have never really been close to a gun before.
 This weekend friends and I ventured to the gun range. I almost chickened out when I stepped out of the car. The sound was deafening and  Nervous Nelly over here jumped every time there was a loud pop.
First up was skeet shooting with a 20 gage.  I desperately needed help loading the thing. I became very "girly" all of a sudden and quite nervous. Not a good combo.
I thought my fingers may get caught while loading the shells because the metal snaps back so quickly. My friend, Biddy, assisted me and instructed me as so....
"just slide it a tampon."
Only then did I truly understand the process.
So I was loaded. (loaded gun, not loaded wasted) Safety was off and I was prepared to yell, "PULL!"
I managed not to hit one flying orange skeet all day.
I did manage to bruise my shoulder, face and deafen my ears.
Boy, was it worth it.
The power behind that machine is unfathomable. The fact that human beings can go to a range as such and pay 20 bucks to "rent" a giant powerful man and beast killing machine, then you are driven up into the woods and they just leave you on the mountain top, 
absolute INSANITY.
Aside from how totally not okay it is that our society allows this, it was SO fun.
Then came the handguns.

I HIT a target the first time I pulled that darn trigger.
Handguns are way more my speed.
How bad ass is that pic?
SO Charlie's Angels.
I could totally play a cop on TV.
Although I was petrified at first I was pretty proud of  myself in the end. To be honest it really put the power of these instruments into real perspective. How they get into the hands of children is unfathomable. How anyone thinks its fair to "hunt" an animal with a shotgun is gross. There is absolutely no "fair game" in that. Put a spear in your hand and ride beside the beast on a horse and then I will agree that you have the natural right to hunt for food.
OK, getting off the soapbox now.