Monday, June 20, 2011

Pasadena Chalk Festival 2011

Interviewing David, Artist.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with MyLocalBuzzTV to host a show for the Paseo Colorado Shopping Center in Pasadena, CA.  This particular episode was about the 19th annual Pasadena Chalk Festival.  Over 600 artists participated and graced the sidewalks of Pasadena with the most beautiful chalk art I have ever seen and over 100,000 spectators attended!  It holds the Guinness World Record for the largest display of Chalk Art.
I walked around for hours with my head staring at the concrete totally floored by the masterpieces that would be washed away by the rain and wind within days. How sad and freeing at the same moment.

I spoke to people from all over the world, the artists themselves and admirers of the art alike.  One Japanese man chalked a perfect, blonde, lifelike cherub praying with a peaceful dove floating above her. He dedicated it to Japan and asked for donations to help them rebuild. It was gorgeous. Another young 11 year old little lady named Kimberly delicately painted her favorite story on the sidewalk, Alice in Wonderland. Right next to her father's Chalk Art titled, "The Last Kiss"- he was a veteran of the festival and won awards for his use of color.
These dedicated artists toiled on their hands and knees for two days straight to entertain our eyes for a weekend. We had the chance to see each work of art progressed, the process was incredible. So many layers to each piece as well as each artist.

My favorite part of the day was hanging with the kids at the KidsChalk Corner.  One little girl really blew my mind....Delilah.
I thought she was shy.
Lovely 5 year old Delilah she was just sitting quietly waiting her turn to color and have a giggle with me. The other kids were practically pushing each other out of the way to get in front of the camera.  She was patient, not shy. I was mistaken.
Well, she sure showed me. Delilah gave me a TERRIFIC interview. Great sound bites and some fantastic footage. She was fun and silly and funny and smart and sweet.   We created chalk dolls and I wish I could've stayed with her longer.

The photo above was taken by a gentleman who attended the festival and tweeted it!  The power of social networking.  I love action shots, and this is one of me at work. So Thanks bud! I rarely get candid shots like this of my work.
David the artist, excuse me for not remembering his last name, created a chalk piece that had a Mexican flair! His son was depicted playing an accordion and his nephew was playing this other interesting instrument. They were floating above an open heart, half cartoon, half realistic heart. David knew and wanted everyone around him to see how important music was in his life and the lives of his family members, it is their epi-center- their beating heart.

What a fantastic day! I will definitely go next year as a spectator if I am not working the event. When I get the footage I will post it here for y'all to see!