Monday, July 8, 2013

Arm Candy....o' da week.

LAYER LAYER LAYER!!! Why is everyone so scared to layer? The more you mix and match..... the cooler it gets! Tag me in pics of your layered bracelets! (@karlitacavalli IG and Twitter) 
Dying to see how you guys do it.

Mix Metals
Mix Textures.
Mix colors.
Mix designers.
Mix real vs fake! (my fav)
Mix Vintage and New!

Above I have on silver and black elastic bracelets from my fav store Fox's in Mineola, NY. They have gold grommet beads on them.  Then I added 3 vintage gold bangles... 2- real 1- fake. SPOT THE FAKEY!
It's a Manic Monday y'all!
I also added some smaller elastic beaded gold and one black. The cherry on top.....drum roll please....vintage gold wedding bands!
YAY! Arm Candy complete. 
Play. Play. Play.

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  1. Arm candy on the Arm Candy of a woman? I like this!