Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kreative Karlita!!!! #DIY PartAyy Hats!

Its my dog Jake's birthday today. He is 13 years young and as cranky as ever. I love that crotcehty old man like no other.
Store bought pink hat
Anyway....I had the pink hat pictured for Lola but nothing special for Jake. I actually just wanted an instagram photo of him in a hat because I am certifiable. SO I stopped by a few stores (petco, kids stores, party stores etc etc)  after work and could not find a decent boys party hat. Now....you may think white feathers and rhinestones aren't very BOYISH but Jake is in touch with his fem side and likes that stuff so HUSH.
SO...... One party store hat these simple cardboard balloon printed cone hats that you generally see at kids parties. Decent...but NOT good enough. I needed to go over the edge with the madness as usual. So the costume designer in me busted out my fabric glue, costume box and got creative.

Whoot Whoot!

Spice up those Bday hats people! Make it sassy and fun and original. It is actually a terrific project to do wth kids either during the party or before to get them psyched up for the event! They can be custom made and couture...Oh so fancy!

You will need:

1. Paper Hat
2. Boa
3. Stapler or glue (hotglue gun ONLY if you are an adult damnit!)
4. Ribbon
5. Scissors (again with adult supervision- preferably a sober one)
6. Rhinestones or Glitter or Diamonds and Rubys if you are rich
7. Tape.

Attach boa to the bottom of the outside of the hat like this. You can attach with a stapler or with glue....totally your preference.

Then cut the end. IF the staples have jagged edges inside it can hurt your FINGERS> WARNING WARNING!!!!!! put some small pieces of tape over them so as not to create an emergency.

Next pull some ribbon through the end of the cone. Do this with as many pieces as you like. Cut the end of the ribbon hanging out the top on an angle so it looks finished and tie knots on the other end inside the cone so that it stays put. I stapled my ribbon knots together inside the cone so they would stay together better. (I'm showing the pic without the fur along the bottom so it was easier to see)

NEXT IS BLINGY TIME! Yay.....Use the fabric/gem glue to attach the rhinestones or loose glitter. Get creative! You can write names on your hats.....draw cats....polka dots..whatever you please. Got it? Feel free to add other stuff like....lace, fringe, fake teeth, boogers....whatever floats your boat.
Now I got a bit fancy and ripped off the end of a pen that I had and attached it to the top of my party hat. I took the green ball off of the pen along with the green fuzz and glue it to the tippy top of my cone.


AND>>>>>>>>>> DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>>>>>....

It's my Birfday and I'll cry if I want to.....

GREAT for Pups....as long as you monitor them. DO NOT leave the animals alone with a damn hat on. GEEZ. That goes for kids too. I don't have kids so I can't show how adorbs they'd look but here's ME!

Custom made party hat!!!!!!

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