Monday, July 22, 2013

Pajama Game

Get yo Pajama Game on! 
Pajama-like pants, not actual pajamas. I'm sick of stuffing myself into skin tight jeans. Over it. 
Plus it's too darn hot anyway. There's an simple way to be casual yet chic with these easy breezy slacks.

Yes, these  slouchy, baggy, loose fitting pants can be sexy!  

How to make them sexy not sleepy....

Wear with a HEEL!!!!!
Add some leather.
Get your slutty on with your top....ex: low cut, see through, long armholes so you can see the bra etc.
This offsets the masculine baggy pant.

I always like to be conscious of the feminine vs. masculine with my outfits.
Leather and lace type of thing. It creates balance for me. TOO much girly can be overkill. Too much masculine and you may as well be celibate.

 Silk Pants  #broadwayandbroome @shopwasteland  / muscle tank #LnA / bag vintage from Playclothes in Burbank/  shoes #pourlavictoire  #stylist #fashion #ootd #ootn #stylista #pajamasrule #notbedtime #sleepnaked 

Ignore the ugly feet and admire the gorgeousness of the stilettos.

My favorite vintage purse.
Another silky pajama like pant look...

I personally like to roll the ankles a bit....otherwise I can start to look really short. So short ladies...keep that in mind. Show some ankle. It will help.

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