Friday, October 15, 2010

Bah Hahbah, Maine

"The Buzz" on Outside Television

This past week I traveled up to Bar Harbor, Maine to shoot a series of shows for Outside Television.  We shot 7 episodes of a show called "The Buzz".  I hosted 56 segments in and around the Acadia National Park which was quite possibly the prettiest place I have ever been in the good old U.S. of A.  Day 1 (pictured above) was shot at Sand Beach.  Day 2 was at the summit of Cadillac Mountain- the first place in America that you can see the sunrise. Our last day I balanced on the rocks of Jordan Pond. (which features a pair of mountains that look like breasts, boobies, jugs, tatas.) So naturally I had to dumb down my abundance of cleavage a tad.  I will include a shot of that as well. I found it hilarious.
This trip really reminded me that I am in the right place in my life. I love to host.  Pursing this dream has been really, really difficult but oh so worth it.  When I get the opportunity to travel to interesting new places and do what I truly believe I do best it validates my never-ending battle with the idea of Hollywood.
Plus, I get to mimic the locals and their amazing accents.  Bah Habah. HA. so awesome.
The crew was terrific; true professionals every moment. They set up a huge jib camera every morning and took it down every night. And in the most impossible places, outdoors in 35 degree weather!!!!
"The Buzz" starts airing November 1st!!!!  As soon as it is up on I will keep y'all updated.

See!!! Told you so!!!!

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