Sunday, December 5, 2010

IMPROV Dating....

I am a genius!!!!
I am currently taking an improv class.
HotHouse Improv- John Thiess, my teacher...he is a genius, for real.
During this last class I realized this:
Most of my classmates are strangers as I just started taking Improv.
I have to do RIDICULOUS things with them and in front of them with no inhibitions.
Bark like a dog, speak fake German, act like a spastic clown in a wind tunnel..etc etc.
I have to fully commit to these things therefore intimately revealing personal things about myself.
Sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident.
(for instance, my "go to" every time I am stuck in a scene is something perverted and sexual. Very telling.)

So I have decided that it would be genius to implement Improv games into people's dating lives!
There are all these wonderfully embarrassing games.
One of which is a game that requires you to have a full on conversation with a partner in nonsensical gibberish.

Try speaking in pretend Chinese or Italian gibberish with a someone. It is not only hilarious but really breaks the ice.
You feel like a child again, with every ounce of "maturity" and adulthood stripped off. Your walls come tumbling down and you actually play with someone. I am talking play with your clothes on at the dinner table or in the car ride home.  Don't get saucy people.

Remember when we were kids? There was no problem accepting someone new and totally getting silly with them right off the bat. "Let's pretend we are samurai warriors in ancient China and we need to defeat our evil ruler!"
When we were kids it was uncomplicated to knock on someones door and say "want to come play?"  Somewhere along the adolescent steam powered locomotive we lost the ability to accept the rejection and/or have the BALLS to even blindly ask someone to hang. We were ourselves, tride and true.

So I by order of royal decree I propose that we all play Improv games on first dates!

Everyone's 'too cool for school' affectation will be dissolved and we can easily find out who our date truly is! Instead of 6 months down the line. Yikes...yeah.


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