Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Internet Presence=Employment

If one more person tells me I need to twat or get on Facebook I will kick them in the belly.
Recently I heard that I basically lost a job to a woman who has a better "online presence" than I do.  She has like a million followers so she is clearly more talented than I, right?!
Can someone please tell me how we got to a place where living your life on your portable device makes you more qualified for a job?
I have my face buried in my Blackberry most of my day answering emails, work and personal.  I have no desire to then add to that beloved b-berry face time social networking sites where I have to tell everyone I know, and don't fucking know at all, that I just picked up my dog's poo, bought a loaf of french bread or hate Chris Brown.
Am I a hypocrite because I am blogging right now?  This is much more cathartic for me than a short status update that's supposed to be witty and clever in 180 letters.
Maybe I am old fashioned and need to get with the times but I have a severe aversion to the very things that producers are saying I need to do in order to get a job as an anchor/host/correspondent these days. (The very things I have been working as  before FB was even invented)
Now you are no longer simply a host but the show's PR department as well.  They are too cheap to hire a publicist to get the word out about the show they need the talent to do the work.
My friends....what to do?
Do I get on my twitter and friend everyone I possibly can? Send totally insincere messages about how beautiful life is....and how the sky is blue, and how I knew all along that insane Charlie Sheen was?  It is really so self- indulgent that we actually think other people want to know what we think every second of the day. Oh wait.....they do.
It all boils down to the fact that we are all basically voyeurs. We are all cyber stalkers who don't want to admit it. There is no room for mystery anymore. No subtlety.
My problem is that I thrive in those worlds.  I find them much more attractive in many ways. Personally and professionally.

Not W i n n i n g.

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