Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tax time=Happy?

March rolls in like a lion and out like a lamb....
March is the month of my Birth.
I love the month of March.
Except for that fact that it means I have to do my dreaded taxes. I am very, very organized for a freelance stylist/actress/host/dancer..etc.
Still, every year the onset of panic starts around Feb 27th.

Most people don't really enjoy doing their taxes. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule....if you know anyone who loves it I would be curious what kool-aid they are drinking because I need some.

I, on the opposite side of the spectrum despise doing tax stuff. It is really not all that bad when all is said and done but while I am crunching numbers and unfolding 365 days worth of tiny, crushed up receipts that have been squashed at the bottom of my purse for 6 months it is pure Hades.  I hunker down for hours and sometimes days hiding behind a mound of paper and confusion.

My poor, poor accountant has dealt with me and my paranoid mania for many years.  This year he actually paid me a "compliment".  He said it seemed as though something was different. I wasn't wound as tight! So nice of him to notice.
I said.....well Mr. Reliable Audit Protector, "I didn't have the best year financially but on a personal level it was a damn good one."
 He responded with, "Well, Client that I usually dread sitting down with each and every year, you can't have everything."

He is 100% correct- not in a literal sense....on a larger scale I mean.  Looking back over the year, through all my disaster of chewing gum wadded torn up tiny receipts and 1099 forms I was fortunate to have worked at all. The money, as long as I was supporting myself was inconsequential because I was... happy.

Finally, truly, undeniably, beautifully, sincerely happy.

Happy is not always so attainable especially when things are tight on the fake Canal street Chanel wallet.
So 2010, thank you for being a great year....I was and still am, to say it simply, happy.

If it takes me going through the history of my life via small payments I made for anything and everything I needed for the year, to realize how great you were, then so be it.
So receipts, Thank you too.

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