Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Black Blazer...Tres Chic!!!!


Tres chic!!! #idontspeakfrench 

 NUMBER 1 ITEM every woman needs in their closet!!!!  
The Classic Black Blazer.

EASY as that. You can find them almost anywhere!  Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Gap, FOREVER 21!!!!! Barney's, Saks....
YOU decide how much or how little you want to spend on it. $$$$$$$

Keep in mind it will be an item that is versatile and can generally be worn for all eternity. (caveat: if you keep it simple and modern.)

The one pictured below is Costume National.  (expensiveo!)
It came as a suit but I cannot squeeze my butt into the pants anymore so they stay on the hanger.
It's pinstriped but still fairly simple. The edges are sharp which keeps it modern and edgy. Steers it clear of "boring officey look". (leopard print shirt underneath is Forever 21)

I love to hike the sleeves up a bit. Show a little wrist ladies....it's SEXY!

The "affordable" one below is from Nordstrom Rack!!!  I FRICKIN' LOVE that store. Geez.....
It was originally $297.00 ....
I got it for $119. BAM!!!!  
#nordstromrack #blazer #fashion #stylist #stylehunter 

SO...........NO EXCUSES !!!  You can wear a simple black blazer with jeans and a T-shirt, over a pretty dress or even sass it up paired with cargo pants and sky high heels!!!! Go GET one. NOW! 

A blazer that is simple is easier to wear. This one has leather accents so it's a bit more complicated.  If you find tyourself liking a more interesting look than just a plain old jacket....go for a blazer with cool accents like this one. If that's is the one you choose dear fashionistas make sure the rest of the outfit isn't too busy. For example, let the leather accents do the work. 

Chic Leather accents on collar and pockets.

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