Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Layer Your Riches Bishes!!!!

Here is the OUTFIT BREAKDOWN: (all very affordable)

1. White hi-low t shirt with gold zipper back- Fox's Designer Off Price (ONLY my fav store on the planet), Designer is Vintage Havana. I bought this so many years ago I have no idea what I paid but I guarantee is was 30 or less. A simple white t shirt would suffice. Make sure it is not too tight. Loosey Goosey is sexier and edgier. 2. Black TO DIE FOR Leather Vest. I Pulled it for a Styling Gig and in the end I decided to keep it. From Wasteland in Studio City, second hand- Designer is Golde. I think I paid like 40 bucks.
3. Current Elliott Boyfriend Jeans...OKAY I know these are expensive BUT they were a hand-me-down from my buddy Francesca sooooo....Nuttin' better than a FREE pair of expensive jeans. I wore the outfit with grey jeans last night. I also paired the basics with a skirt in the pics way down below.4. New Leopard Print platform Peep Toe Pumps from Nordstrom Rack by Jessica Simpson. I paid 50 bucks for these and have already gotten my money's worth. DO NOT SLEEP ON JS!!!!! Her shoe collection is DAYAMN Good.

AND>>>>>>the MAIN ATTRACTION! The CROWN JEWELS! Okay, well not really...but close.

This is how Jake feels about fake diamonds.

4. MULTI Strand Silver and rhinestone necklace. This one alone could have done the trick but I wanted a really heavy look. 28 bucks, I think. Urban Outfitters.

3. Urban Outfitters also two tone necklace. MIX the Metals to make the whole thing look more interesting! Can't remember price but it was cheap.

2. Got this sparkly bad boy for my wedding in downtown LA in the accessories part o' town. It was 12 bucks or something. Did not wear to wedding.

1. SMALL single strand VINTAGE Rhinestone necklace. FLEA Market find, 15 Bucks.

AND there you have it. Replicating a look that is ALL over mags for 1,000 dollars PLUS.
I adore big, chunky jewlery. I love to layer it. Play a bit with existing stuff you have in your closet and feel free to tag me in pics @karlitacavalli!

On a side note....Remember to MIX up your feminine and masculine pieces!!!! The leather vest balances the necklaces. The high sexy pumps balance out the boyfriend jeans! This was for after work drinks with a girlfriend!


Necklace is from Urban Outfitters 28$$, Cougar Skirt was $24 Buckaroos from Wasteland, secondhand 


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