Monday, March 31, 2014

Lash-O-Rama.....New Product ALERT!

I ADORE fake lashes. If you know me know this. They change my face, its kinda crazy. WAY back in the day when I was dancing professionally in NY.....(NOT stripping)....I wore falsies basically every day. I was performing as an NBA dancer on the court 4/5 times a week in full hair and makeup.  I learned very quickly how to get these suckers on...and how to get them on FAST.  I am late for everything. I was often late back then as well and totally had to throw quite a few pairs on while driving on the Cross Bronx Expressway racing to a game or appearance.  Really safe I know. Needless to say I am damn good at applying falsies now after that Boot Camp.

Nowadays I generally use the strip lashes for performance stuff. You can find them at a beauty supply or even CVS/Walgreens etc in all different sizes and styles.  Once you get the hang of it they are pretty easy peasy BUT it takes a lot of practice for some people. Tweezers help a lot. And patience. AND LET THE GLUE GET TACKY....noone does this. Easiest trick to foolproof lash wearing.
These are my go-to lashes. They are HUGE and only for my on-camera work stuff. Or Halloween. Or Vegas. or a night I am feeling like being extra naughty.
SO the past few years I have been using a lot of the individual lashes. (below)  The teensy ones that usually only makeup artists use on clients because they seem more natural looking. They are TOUGH to get on and take a HELL of a lot of practice. I have almost mastered them now. ALMOST. I often end up with wonky ones that fall off during dinner into my husband's vodka tonic. He just loves that.

Individual Lashes. ie:PAIN in the ass

First off there are 2 different sizes in the package which is AWESOME> you can put the big ones on the outside corners of the eye and then gradually move shorter towards the inside, like your actual lashes. As you can see I forgot to take a photo pre-use. Sorry. got too excited.
Kiss Ever EZ Lashes
She uses a tweezer to apply the lashes. I start from the outside corners and build inwards. She did not.
I think I paid 4.99 for these at CVS (they had a promotion to get the second box half off.)
The package says the are 3x faster and easier. I wouldn't exactly say that but they are kind of cool especially for people like me who have small eyes. I usually have to cut up strip lashes because they are always way too long and big for me.
SEE......1 trio lash...vs 1 indiv.

I think one of the BEST parts about this packaging is this ingeniuos idea to make the plastic round instead of a long rectangle. You do lose some product BUT its super duper easy to hold while you are busy applying the lashes.
Her hand is cuter than mine

"easy grip"

SO this is how they came out!!!!! It was my birthday night and I was a bit rushed so they aren't perfect but it was a good effort right? I am digging these guys. I actually kept them on for like 2/3 days to get the most bang for my buck and they held out just fine.

Sake and trios....! Happy Birthday to me!

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