Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Make your own Statement Bib Necklace....DIY cheap copy. NOT as good as the real thing but close. Keepin' it Reals, YO.

I like to think I am an innovator. I like to think I do/style original things. I like to think I am unique.
BUT sometimes I see something I love and need/want/have to have it. Unfortunately I am not a Rockafella so if it's crazy expensiveo I have to improvise and that is exactly what I plan to help you guys do. #DIY here we come.....

With that said....I like the rock/glam/deconstructed beauty kinda of look. TONS of jewelry is my bag. I cannot pile enough jewelry on no matter the occasion. It's kind of a problem and I probably need an intervention soon. How many Italian horns is too many?
Okay, maybe this many.
Like a true ginzo I usually prefer gold...so I may do another post with Gold schtuff.  But for now.....I will expand on one of my earlier blogs a few days ago about the same subject...layering awesome necklaces to get a kind of Rock n' Roll, edgy, sorta Rihannaesque look.

Last week I was in H&M returning some belts I didn't use on a recent styling gig for Samsung and passed their accessories aisle.  See below:

accessories DUH

The sparkley rhinestones stopped me dead in my tracks. Like a Barracuda I am attracted to all things that glimmer. This probably stems from my days growing up as a beauty queen, which then transferred into my days as a showgirl. SPARKLE please!
yup thats me. standing next to the cheese.
The challenge is.....How to sparkle without the CHEESE factor??
i love cheese.
My solution is to add all types of metals to your sparkle. Mix & Match.  Thats just what a particular young, up and coming, NYdesigner did.
This very gorgeous, uber cool chick named Drew Ginsburg started her own line of statement piece necklaces. We have a lot in common in terms of our fashion sense. I would hope that wouldn't insult her considering forth coming blog but to be honest...."immitation is the sincerest form of flattery," said Charles Caleb (no idea who that is).
I would post photos of her but I don't want to get in trouble so go look her up. @dylanlex She is an AWESOME follow on instagram. Her necklaces cost LOTS O' MONEY. Money that until I am a huge star I do not have to spend on accessories. 

So basically I just took 5 different necklaces, threw em all together and BAM!
The KEY is to make sure each necklace is a bit similar yet different from the next.
for example....
Start with one signature main piece.
My base cheerleader was the sparkly one with the rectangular stones hanging down.
Then build around that guy.
Add some silver.
Add some more sparkle.
Add some length.
Add some chunky pieces.
Add some texture. (ex. the giant herringbone)
(This is the floor of H&M. Ha. I was literally sitting on the floor building my knock off necklace like a crazy person.)

It ain't the real deal but it's 950 bucks cheaper. It's not gunna look quite as expensive but who cares. In instagram pics with a FILTER it will look like Harry fucking Winston.

SO If you wanna do this....don't be SCURRED.....go to Forever 21, or Urban or H&M and sit on the floor and start acting cray cray. No one will bother you if you look busy. Just start paring necklaces 'til it looks right and IF it don't look right wear it with pride and pretend it does. Like I do.
It's all about perception people.

This is me making a stupid face on my way out the door to a partay. This necklace combo is the one i built in the older post. Mostly Urban Outfitters and some vintage necklaces. But you get it....same idea.

You can see that I added a long dagger necklace from Fox's NY in this one

And clearly.....not ready for this photo.

Happy Tuesday Rock N' Rollers!!!! 

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