Monday, March 24, 2014

Fudge YOU!!!!!!

This was a hellofa good hair day if I do say so myself!

I don't claim to be a hair stylist or a makeup artist BUT I have had lots of professional careers and hobbies that required me to get DAMN good at beautifying myself. (NBA Dancer, Beauty Queen, TV Host, Unemployed Wifey etc)  An ex-beau who is a NYC hair maestro and a Mom who was a hairdresser in the 70's in London have helped a lot too.
I ADORE a deconstructed glamorous look. Beachy hair here I come!
Beachy hair can go OH SO WRONG...OH SO FAST. Curls too tight, curls too loose, or over spraying can make your desired airy, ethereal, beautiful look go drowning in a sea of crunch and drab.

A friend of mine threw some new products my way so I decided to try them, specifically the Fudge Urban Sea Salt Texturizing Spray.
I was ON board when Bumble and Bumble busted theirs out like 15 years ago. It smelled amazing and did the trick perfectly. IT'S EXPENSIVE though and the salt always clogs the spout and your 28 dollar bottle of free Ocean is useless.

HELLO Fudge Urban. I had no idea who or what you were until this weekend and NOW I have been saved! Hallelujah! LADIES- IT SMELLS LIKE COCONUT and BAD DECISIONS WITH A TAN, HOT, FOREIGN STRANGER ON AN ISLAND VACATION!!!!! 
(Hank the Hunk)
(do not eat it) (you may eat the hunk)

P.S. its a TERRIFIC PRICE> $10.99 at Target. I am SO into that.

Here's me holding the bottle to my head cuz I thought it was cute. In retrospect, not so much.
Way over retouched this one. Eyes are super wonky. Please ignore.


1.  Wash your damn hair.

2.  I use leave in conditioner because my hair is impossible to brush out.

3. MOUSSE. Once again got it as a freebie and wanted to test it so I used the Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Mousse. It smells like Razzles Candy and again, I want to eat it. It contains heat protectant in it which is great because I was about to hit my mane with a WICKED HOT curling iron. The hold level is 5 which I prefer, just enough- yet not too much. Goldilocks would approve.
(FOCUS the mousse on the ROOTS not the ends. HUGE mistake to put it all over the head/hair. Mousse will only make it crunchy, the point is to hold volume at the greasy scalp as well as the style.)

4 .DRY hair. However you do Gurl. I blow dry the front first with a round brush then randomly hit the back and underneath. I prefer the back and sides not be pin straight = more volume. The front has to be blown straight or its cowlick and frizz central station.
not my photo.

5. Use a curling iron. I like expensive ones. Cheap ones suck and don't ever do the job well and YOU KNOW ME.... I am ALL about saving money. Do not skimp on an iron; you are just wasting money. An iron with a handle is fine like the one on the left. I used the blue phallic one for this do. You wrap the hair around the iron without burning your fingertips. THIS TAKES PRACTICE AND A LOT OF BANDAIDS. Or use the glove that comes with it. These f&*kers get HOT AS HELL. (also don't burn your neck or forehead. I have done both) The price we pay for beauty. $$$$$$$$

SECRET TRICKS!!!! Always wrap the hair going BACK WARDS> NOT TOWARDS YOUR FACE!!!!! Away- towards your ass.
Also....leave the END of the hair uncurled. The bottom, the split them from the heat and iron. THAT makes a curl less perfect, deconstructed and more natural looking.
Should I do a youtube video on this???> comment please.

Hot tools 1/14 Inch Iron. Blue one is 1 inch, I think.

6. OKAY, now that the hair is curled/waved TIME TO SPRAY with this little bottle of deliciousness.  HOLD IT AWAY from your hair. Spray it from afar. throw your head upside down and mist with the Sea Salt and shake it like a polaroid picture.

WOAAALLLA!!!! OILA???? Walla Walla? Voila!!!! Presto!!!! Here it is!
Now the fruits of my LABOR! Effortless looking beachy waves that took a LOT of effort
(no extensions here).

Wanna buy it???? See Below....and GO FUDGE YOURSELF!!!!!

Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Mousse: $9.69 (Click to by from
Close up of the label for ya.

Sea Salt: $10.99 (Click to buy from
Obvi, another close up.

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