Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Envy.

Hey world...

So I am feeling some blog envy. Is that awful to admit? I see all these interesting people blogging all over the web.

Everyone I know insists i look at their friends blog and their cousins blog etc etc. Every word is so witty, the observations so clever, the poems are beautiful and the people all wear Wayfarers. How predictable.

I don't wear Wayfarers. I wear Aviators. Yeah, I liked Top Gun. Sure, you can call me Maverick.

How do I make my entries interesting too? How do I brood via the keyboard? How do I try and connect with an audience without writing haikus?

Well, I will fully admit that in the future I will talk about pop culture- yes cheesy stuff. I will chat about dumb reality tv.

I will also mention a few little diddies about my shallow existence in Los Angeles.

I probably won't quote some romantic late 1800's romance novel that I truly cant seem to get past page 12 on.(Wuthering Heights)

I would love to post adorable pics of myself wearing really hipster outfits in front of a spray painted brick wall downtown.

But I don't have a brooding photographer boyfriend. crap.

Guess I am stuck....being me. Writing as I do. Mostly nonsense but nonsense that I enjoy. Nonsense that makes me laugh.

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  1. bring on the pop culture and reality tv!!! ;-)