Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My new obsession:

Ultime. I am in love with this horse. My man's parents own horses and they so graciously allow me to ride as often as I would like.  It brings me total and utter happiness. From the moment we step on to the ranch grounds I am like a four year old in the parking lot of Toys R Us.  Ultime has figured out that I am not as Alpha as she is. She likes to stroll and take total advantage of the amateur rider that I am. (Although I must make an admission here.....the owner of the ranch says "Karla, you have a great seat".  Not really the first time I have heard that. wink wink honk honk.)  I am determined to become an awesome rider. I want to ride like I lived on horse my whole life. Sorta how I dance. It is my mission. Mark my words my friends....I will ride and ride well.
Please disregard the geeky helmet. I know, I look like Marvin the Martian. Hush.

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