Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank goodness you are safe my lovely daughter!

Oh Mother...

My Mother is truly one of a kind. For example, I just told her about my near death experience this past weekend.

I was on the way to the drive-in movies with my man and the front gate attendant told us we had a flat tire.

So we did an about face and decided to get it fixed asap and exited the theatre. As we left dozens of cars were racing out of the lot and we could not figure out why.

As we fixed the tire at the nearby gas station we saw tons of cop cars and a police helicopter surrounding the drive in! Sirens on, lights a blaze and they were holding all vehicles.

There was a shooting at the Drive IN!!!! Talk about lost innocence. We narrowly missed driving straight into the line of fire.

So, I told my Mother all this...and her immediate response is:

"It was a stupid movie anyway. Wasn't funny at all."

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