Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boys Will be Sloppy....We Will Make them Look Tidy/Sloppy

Gentlemen- You can easily look chic and sexy without looking like you rolled off of your best buddy's couch.....even if you did. (Lets pretend you didn't) cuz #notsexy 
Below are 3 AWESOME outfits that will not send her/him running away but catapult her/him into your effortlessly fashionable and totally masculine arms! 
1. Fancy Dinner.
2. Pizza, Beer and Pool Night.
3. Movie Date.
(also all VERY good back to school, work, etc outfits) 
NOT Good go to work outfits if you work in a conservative office.

Layering= COOL

Another Great Look.....

Levi's Jeans. White Button Down. American Apparel Long Sleeve Cotton T.
H&M Wing Tip Hi-Top Boots. Black Epaulette Jacket

COMFORTABLE and CASUAL Yet stylish!!! Vintage Sex Pistols T shirt.
Creative Recreation Sneakers
Jeans- Levi's
(JC penny's Macy's Bloomies)
Jacket- Black Rivet

SNEAKERS- http://www.cr8rec.com/
They sell these bad boys everywhere. TONS of different styles and colors.

Zappos- Easy Peasy

CHOOSE YOUR POISON GENTS: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/mens-wingtip-boots

H&M Wingtip Boots. Great with jeans OR slacks. Tucked under or over!

Brown Wingtips with grey jeans....Brown and Grey almost ALWAYS looks good together.

The Grey shirt is a simple long sleeve cotton T. It is quite casual but this is a post for my guys who LIKE really casual. you could go for a V neck wool sweater also or a cardigan, both would be terrific options.
Wingtips with Black Jeans!
You could easily add an awesome leather jacket to this OR a Pin Striped blazer to dress it up!
VINTAGE T shirts....okay Boys---- don't go too crazy here. NO rips or yellow armpits. Choose NICE ones. NO Florida Spring Break '86 Booby ones either! I mean it!

The Clash Vintage T shirt under a Rust Colored Button Down shirt. Black Asymetrical zip Up Hoodie. Wing Tips and Grey Levi's.

The sweatshirt below is an awesome casual option that is dressier than a hoodie. The wooden buttons make it fancy! The collar does as well. This sweatshirt is SUPER versatile. Opt for sweats that are a bit more grown up. They say comfortable MAN rather than sloppy teen.

Red Coca Cola T shirt under a Toggled grey Sweatshirt/Sweater. Black Levi's and Creatice Rec Sneaks.

Creative Recreation Green/Grey high Tops

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