Friday, August 2, 2013

My STYLING Kit & the 1 GLAM-SQUAD Weapon You Should Own!!!!

Every Hollywood Stylist, Makeup Artist and Hair Dresser carries a kit with them to work. I have a larger kit and the one below is my 'on set' kit. My larger kit carries a more extensive line-up of wardrobe and styling necessities for shoots. (like extra panties and socks, random bits) The fanny pack below has a limited amount of essentials, essentially. I often have to run back and forth between the set and backstage....or from the desert to the trailer etc. This kit needs to be small, durable and easy to carry. It ALSO helps that it is a FANNY PACK! Before you go and giggle your little hearts's handy because I NEED my hands to work. If a dress just won't stay up I need access to safety pins as well as my hands free to pin the attire properly without stabbing my client.
See! Hands free!

(Above pic is from a music video shoot that I styled called 'How We End Up Alone'  by a Rock band named Hurt.  Link below. It was challenging because the abandoned building we shot in is one of the most HAUNTED places in the world. Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles. Go visit the basement crematorium. Have fun. I almost peed my pants.... numerous times.)


My 'On Set' Kit
MAIN CONTENTS of small Kit: Scissors. Lint Roller. Needle and Thread options. 'Top Stick' tape. Safety Pins. STICKY DOTS! etc.
Some of the Contents of said Kit

BAM!!!!!!! STICK IT DOTS!!! Whatever...I  call 'em, 'Sticky Dots'. My name is better. 
They are GENIUS. 
They are teeny, little circles that are double stick tape. They are a MASSIVE help when it comes to keeping men's lapels stuck down. Or keeping up a hem on an unruly dress. They even work to keep straps in place. They are less surface area than the usual skin tape strips like Fashion fix or Top Stick (which I love).  You can see all types of skin tape sold everywhere now but Sticky Dots require NO cutting if you need tiny pieces. These are SPECIAL!!!! 


Make that ornery lapel stay put! 1. Stick it. 2. Peel one side. 3. peel other side. 4. Push fabric together. 5. pat yourself on the back.

They are clear, round, double sided, high tack adhesive little buggers.....which means THEY STICK TO YOUR SKIN....and damn GOOD>
They can be used fabric to fabric, fabric to skin, or "used to bond paper, leather, wood and other surfaces," so says the Manhattan Wardrobe Supply people.
Beware spray tan users!
photo courtesy Western Costume Co.

They range in prince anywhere from $3-$7 depending where you buy them. WELL worth it. One package will last your a long time.

I love this place ....Western Costume Company has everything your little heart desires for styling needs.

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