Thursday, August 1, 2013

PSSSST!!!! Got Dirty Hair?

I have a secret for ya....

Instant Dry Shampoo.

Washing and blow drying your hair every day is NOT good for it. Go a few days....skip some of that harsh destruction. Your hairs will thank you.
Or maybe you are in a rush? can't take the time to dry your entire head of hair....USE this stuff ladies. (AND GENTS!)

I freaking LOVE this stuff. A makeup artist at NBC turned me on to this little gem years ago.
I prefer the old packaging to be honest.... this is what it used to look like. So retro. Love. Clearly it has been around  for a long time.

New packaging: "New Look" Booooo!

Still works like a champ.
Since I am on camera so often I pretty much torture my hair. Curling Irons, flatirons, blow dryers, hairspray, mousse...etc etc etc. Sooooo, (dirty secret alert!!!!!) often I go a few days without washing it in order to try and save some time and the health of my head. Like Adele!
I love this woman and her Beauty Queen mane.
Part 1. Use a tail comb or your fingers to part and section your dirty, oily hair and spray where it needs some body and lift. NO agua needed!

Part 2: Lightly fluff the hair with your fingers and/or hit the area with a blow dryer for a few seconds.
this is a hairdryer.
AND Done....time to look clean as a whistle with more POOF to your hair than ever before! (Some people like to brush the hair out after spraying)

The smell is....just sort of there. NOT harsh or overpowering at all. A lot of the newer dry shampoos smell so flowery I cant stand it.

It is fairly affordable compared to the other dry shampoos on the market as well.

found this lovely ad on this lovely lady's blog

At walgreens....Ulta. I think I have seen it at cvs too.

NOT tested on animals.
Available in travel size
Formula for Curly hair!

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