Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had a thought today...could I be addicted to chocolate?
I love it. I have to have a little, or a lot every single day.
When I had a chocolate ice cream pop for dinner last night I decided I needed to take a closer look at my situation.
Today I pranced into my kitchen singing like Mary Poppins. I opened all of my cupboards and my fridge so that I could see just how much chocolate inhabited my home.

This is the result:
 Hagen Daaz, numerous types of Reese's, cakes,

Hershey kisses, cookies, Easter eggs, cake,

Junior mints,  Dove bars, Lions Bars, Susans,

Hob Nobs (British) etc etc etc etc.

Here's a closer look.......

Does it look more manageable from a different angle?


Basically I filled the entire counter space with sweets. HOLY MOLY!
I SHOULD be embarrassed. Operative word here is should.

And this was the healthy stuff in my fridge:
A half eaten avocado, cherry tomatoes and a lemon.
If the world were to end I could sustain myself and the village of Studio City, CA on chocolate.

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