Saturday, April 16, 2011


Okay....every now and then I have a brilliant idea. Less often than more often.

This popped in my head whilst spring cleaning my apartment spic and span ...and at the same time avoiding running into the murderer who was literally on the loose today in my 'hood'.  Now I live in the 'hood where 'ghetto birds' as my lovely neighbor calls them hover overhead for hours interrupting my cleaning playlist. Cher- "Strong Enough"....Celine, Babs, Liza...yup everyone thinks a gay man took me hostage and not the gang banger the cops can't get a hold of on Ventura Blvd.
Holy quotes Batman.

So...back to my idea. If the public will actually become obsessed with The Housewives of whatever city that lends a cute logo to the title then why wouldn't they be obsessed with my new show...
"The Unemployed Actresses of Studio City"?
Instead of fancy dinners at sushi restaurants the wives/actresses will have dinner parties at their respective studio apartments or 1 bedrooms they can't afford and serve Ramen noodles and Franzia wine.
For dessert they will dine on miniature snickers and Parliament cigarettes!
Easy to stay skinny when you can afford food!

Instead of lavish vacations to Cabo they can take their VW Jetta's to Venice Beach and flirt with men to score some drinks.
Shopping at Loehmann's and the Rose Bowl flea market instead of Barney's and Sak's.
I honestly believe it is way more interesting to watch hot chicks trying to figure out how to pay the bills than watch these overbleached, non-working, over the hill spoiled brats spend their ex-husbands cash.
Anyone with me?

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