Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wild Mare

It has been about a month...maybe more since I went riding.  I finally got to the stable today for a long overdue lesson.  I usually ride once a week and have a lesson with the most amazing and patient teacher. I am re-learning to ride English.  As a child I was fearless and riding often. Not quite the same situation these days.

Even though I am an Aries, I am no longer utterly fearless.  I guess with age comes sensibility. Being sensible is boring and clearly holds me back from doing anything exciting and/or worthwhile.

Today the beautiful Selle Francais horse that I have the honor of riding was "high".... she had not been exercised very much the past few days because of the rainy weather.  So this resulted in a horse that was very, very excited and wanted to RUN.


She was a bit ornery with me even though I tried to butter her up with some peppermints and animal crackers. It's not her fault really. She was thrilled to finally get out of her stall and get some exercise.

I was quite nervous today. I thought she might actually throw me off this time.

I have been anxious the past few times I have ridden thinking each time that would be the day I was catapulted into the air like a piece of rogue popcorn who escaped out of the glass at the theatre concession stand.
I find myself anticipating it.
When I was a child the thought did not even cross my mind. Falling off was not an option. I do have terrific balance, if I say so myself.....but a Cirque Du Soleil tightrope walker couldn't stay on this mare if she was feeling randy.

I need to forget the fear.  Get on and ride. Concentrate on my lesson and stop the worry wart act that is running through my brain like a skipping record. If I do not, I will not make progress.

Kind of sounds like this could apply to most other areas of my life as well.
This wild mare is teaching me more about life than just staying in the saddle upon her tall back.
Merci Madame Selle Francais.

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