Saturday, April 16, 2011


How can anyone think its okay to only have ONE person on duty for the overnight shift in an airplane tower?
The lives of thousands of people are in their hands....directing flights to land safely.
We have to pay to check a suitcase now and they have the audacity NOT to have a backup dancer in the tower?

Someone tell me where all of our money goes?
They want us to pay for a ticket. Then for a "preferred" seat. (meaning an exit row which used to be doing them a favor offering to lift the door)
Now we have to pay for gas, and food, and a for the toilet.
And they can't pay some dude a couple hundred bucks to keep the other sleeping dude awake?

Come on America. Let's get it together.

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  1. hi Karlita -- sorry our plans to chillax with ur buddies in LA fell thru -- had some visa problems! doh! couldn't get thru immigration :-(