Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing is More Funner.

HUZZAH!!!!! Our Knight of the Joust, Britannia's Knight WINS for his wenches!
(So what he is closing his eyes. It was bright out. He still beat the other dudes)
The Renaissance Fair.
I suggest everyone go.
It is amazing.
I have been quite a few times to the Faire, Fair NY. Last weekend I went with friends to the one here in Socal.
We basically guzzled beer and cider, launched spears, threw axes, cheered, laughed, screamed, taunted witches, fed the geese, and ate enough meat pies for the village of Cornwall.
Anyone who dares to make fun of people that go to the Ren Fair are L A M E O S.
The Queen's Beer. Old Beer. Really Old.

Yes. My undies are pink. Now, Look at the damn spear!

Just casually chatting about the Reformation with a man in a dress.

Alas, the lady is sad the day is over!
HUZZAH! Long Live the Queen.

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