Friday, September 3, 2010

Bookmarks! Yay!

Happy Birthday Momma! Buon Cumpleanno Mammasita!

So its my mothers birthday this week. She could be the most difficult woman to buy for....ever. She is impossible.

Vicki will NOT hesitate to tell you she does not like a gift. Promptly telling you to in her snotty upper crust accent "Return it and save your money".

She is British- enough said.

You can imagine my excitement when I found the perfect Bday gift for her last weekend at the Santa Monica Flea Market!!!

My mother reads a lot of books- like real books with pages in 'em, not a computer version. (especially when she is at work and supposed to be ..ummmm uhhh working)

These are bookmarks created by the talented jewelry and bookmark designer Miss Kelly King of K Bird Designs.

Those are buttons! Vintage buttons! How cool is that? They are made of elastic and wrap around the cover and hold your page. Perfect for reading on a beach or in a windstorm!
They are gorgeous and terrific little gifts for your favorite readers.

Go to or and find Kbird Designs store to get your Mommas some bookmarks too!

Or Grandmas....or Aunties....or little biddie kiddies. She does children's bookmarks also. I'm so gunna read a big fat novel now,

The Count Of Monte Christo....just so I can use a bookmark.

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