Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off On A Quest!

OK- I have discovered I cannot remember how to be a girlfriend anymore.

In fact, I think I am kind of bad at it. Sort of how I was horrendous at calculus.

Two years of being single really messes a gal up.

I used to be a terrific girlfriend. Many bad dates and a plethora of lame pick-up lines and I am jaded and cranky.

3 Months in with a fantastic man- will I mess it all up? Geez, I hope not. Its funny though, the grass is always greener I think.

The entire two years I yearned for a hairy man to cuddle up to and someone to spoon me at night, now I got one and he elbows me in the head every single night while he sleeps. Accidentally of course- or maybe not.

Take the good with the bad?

He is terrific...opens every single door, cooks chicken picatta, compliments me constantly, even washes the dishes....without me asking!

He is my prince charming. Yet- I am a picky brat. DO NOT mess this up lady. You have been waiting for a man like this one forever.

When are women truly happy? I think I may be a bit like a man in this sense. Insatiable sometimes.

Does being single for too long really destroy your ability to be a good partner?

I sit here and write this and feel like I sound like Carrie. God forbid I read it out loud to myself- wearing some overlystyled outfit. Scary.

(Although I am satc fanatic- from day 1 mind you....not some newbie)

Well, I am off on a quest to re-learn to be a good girlfriend again. Any suggestions would be fantastic my friends.

Teach me how not to care if he leaves the bathroom rug in the wrong place, or if he forgets to turn the lights off.

Remind me to be grateful for how handy he is with a hammer and nail; how he fixes every minuscule detail that has been waiting for some testosterone to turn a wrench to it and how he has such an amazing sense of exactly where I need to be touched.

Grateful, grateful, grateful...be grateful because you have been busting as the seams for some holey boxers to fold again.


  1. Your man knows what a hammer and nail are? My man thinks you either GET HAMMERED or GET NAILED. Neither of which hangs a picture or fixes a leak!!!

  2. Are you a bad girlfriend because you get annoyed? Just sounds totally human to me. Sounds like you are grateful, because you are recognizing the wonderful things he is doing for you.

    I mean....Its not like you are writing about him behind his back to the world....wait....