Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stop Peer Pressuring Me!!!

IM not on facebook. It frustrates most, if not all of my friends to no end. I am getting peer pressure from everyone to join. Even my Mother and Father have FB accounts!
I'm not even sure why my aversion to it is so strong, I just don't want to be a memberr. After the disaster my myspace account created I just have no desire.  Although aafter a few glasses of wine I have been known to waver and be on the brink of signing up.
There was all sorts of drama with my space but most of all.....Yes, I was lame. I had a bikini picture in one of my albums on myspace. A few years ....YES years later after I totally came to my senses and canceled my account I went on a few dates with a guy who was initially a friend. Well, 'said guy' had that very bikini photo SAVED on his desktop and showed it to me.  The social networking world (and blogs) can permanently brand anything and everything you decide to be public info into the universe FOREVER.
Am I alone in thinking that this concept is insane?
Hear that next Miss USA? FOREVER!!!!! You think its cute when you are 20 to upload the photo of you doing saki bombs and body shots off of that sweaty dude at Senor Frogs? NOT so cute when a  few years later.
Crap- I should probably erase any and all photos I put on this blog before its under my google images.
Like the recent photo of a brunette woman labeled "Karla Cavalli" giving some naked, ripped dude a hummer on her knees. I am sure the possible employers interested in me as the host of their new family show loved that one.
Anyway, Jersey Shore is on tonight. I'm busting at the seams. I bet they have lots of FB friends.

I will intently listen to every one of you say  "I told you so" when I decide to admit defeat and join the cult.

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  1. Stay strong girl. I do not have one either. Mostly because I don't have the time to keep up with it.
    But I also like to consider it my way of remaining elusive and mysterious. Yes, even married moms of two need some drama.
    Don't start Karla, it's crack cocaine and I can barely talk to people without them referencing what they read on facebook!!! So boring...