Friday, September 3, 2010

YOU have to watch this new show I am obsessed with: "RU Paul's Drag U".
I watched one episode and I am hooked. Its genius. Not only because they dress up real women and make them look like fabulous drag queens. Feather boas, wigs, bad gowns, lip syncing, nose shading and all...
Also because Ru Paul has his own language. He says things to his "students" like:
"ConDRAGulations" and "Let's see how you scored on your DRAGxamination?" or my personal favorito:
Ru refers to them as the "DRAGuating class of 2010".
I am not sure why I find this Ru drag-language so funny. I think its kind of why I am also still (as an adult) so
obsessed with America's Funniest Videos.
I sort of want to make up so many words with DRAG in it but all of mine sound stupid.
WHY can't I be that creative? and funny? and witty? This is DRAGdiculous!
PS: These are the camp counselors.

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