Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Went to bed hungry.

Trying to shed the extra 8-12 lbs or so I've gained in the last 3 months. Ya

see- I've fallen in love which means I'm becoming a fatso. Yeah- no wonder

newlyweds r so happy. They don't give a rats arse what they're eating and just

pound food like they'll never see their spouse ever again if they don't.

I've been totally blind to my nonexcercising- non light beer drinking- bacon

blue cheese and disco fry eating ways for the past 3 months. Geez Karla- get it

together. Even though you have decent metabolism cuz you've been an athlete your whole

life you canNOT eat like a 200lb man. You will get a muffin topper.

Anyway- its go time now. Ipod is charged and I'm ready to rumble. Hike, sweat,

and starve myself. All hail Los Angeles.

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